Unlimited Services

Gilli’s track record in creating brand concepts, communication & design-led initiatives together with the launch of many new products & brand management has enabled her to offer brand marketing expertise to businesses, but without the associated costs. Unlimited Creative & Project Management also has access to an associated network of talented designers & suppliers when needed that are hand-picked for each & every project.

BRAND STRATEGY | equipping your brand for the future

Your brand is your greatest asset. A well-designed, successful brand strategy is executed across all business functions & defines what your business stands for, its personality, an understanding of customers & the way in which your brand will grow in the future by improving consumer experience, competitive advantage & financial performance.

BRAND IDENTITY | connecting to your customers

Your brand identity is that special something that sets your business, or product, apart from every other player on the street making you instantly recognisable from your peers. This visible identity, using various elements, reflects how your brand is communicated to customers & shapes how they perceive, view, connect & interact with it.

NEW PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT | from concept to creation

New product, or service, development is the lifeline of any business. This involves creating a process of taking a product, or service, from concept to market by setting out a series of stages that new products typically go through, beginning with idea or “Blue Sky Thinking” & concept generation through to the product’s introduction to the market.

CREATIVE DESIGN | visuals that convey your message

Great design can make or break what people think about your brand. Design-led concepts & projects for communication materials, packaging, websites & social media, including model casting for beauty & hair care photographic shoots. Extensive experience sourcing packaging components within the beauty & hair care industries.

COPY WRITING | engaging headlines & content

Compelling copy will create a connection with your customers & generate brand awareness. Unlimited offers a copy writing service that includes presenting brand communication concepts & finished copy for brochures & promotional leaflets, advertising, pack copy, websites & training manuals plus business presentations.